How to prepare dried oregano

L'oregano is aaromatic herb widely used in Mediterranean cuisine both for its intense flavour is because it is very good for our organism. It aids digestion, is a good antiseptic and also has a analgesic power.

Compared to other flavourings, such as basil, sage and rosemarywhich are preferably eaten fresh, theoregano to keep longer perfumeflavour beneficial properties requires the process of drying.

In this tutorial I explain how to do it. As you will see, it will be very easy.

In order to obtain a high-quality product that lasts a long time, theoregano must be harvested during the peak flowering months (generally June to September) representing when it smells best.

I recommend using it on the pizza, on the bruschetta, in the salads, in the tomato sauces, for seasoning fish and meat. Also excellent in omelettes and to flavour the fresh cheeses.

Below is the video tutorial and some ideas for using this indispensable aroma: